Window Strikes

Kereru outline after a window strike

Ever found a beautiful bird dead outside your home? Chances are it smashed into your window and never recovered. For every dead bird you find, just imagine how many were snatched up by a cat or pulled into the brush by some other creature. Worldwide, window collisions kill close to a billion(!) birds every year.

It is never too late to make your home bird safe!

Birds of many types have been killed by flying into glass windows and doors. According to the Audubon Society, collisions with glass may be a major source of avian mortality that’s widely overlooked.


Although there are several variables which account for bird strikes, the primary cause is reflection. Birds become confused or startled and rush to cover or open sky; unfortunately they often mistake a reflection for the real thing.

In cities the biggest kills typically occur at night during spring and autumn migrations, when building lights appeared to lure birds into deadly collisions. Light-dimming campaigns in some countries around the world have helped reduce the problem.

Kereru with a fracture mandible
Morepork with a fractured wing