Summer Reminder

Please give water each day to birds in your garden

Please help birds get through summer by giving them fresh water each day and please share these tips with family/friends too.

Summer Watering Tips :

  • Use a fairly shallow, wide container with an edge to perch on e.g. an old roasting pan.

  • Place the container in an open space, well away from shrubs or areas where cats might hide.

  • Clean and disinfect the container daily before refilling it – this is very important as unwashed containers can spread diseases among birds. A quick scrub with a dollop of a strong cleaner like bleach will do the trick (remember to it rinse really well afterwards).

  • In addition, if possible, keep an area of your garden – ideally somewhere with a good range of plants of various heights – well watered, by say putting a sprinkler on for 10-15 min every other evening. This will create a cool, thriving ‘oasis’ that will be a draw card for birds as well as insects, which the birds will eat. It will also help the plants, which could well be a source of food for birds, to survive and grow.

Garden Oasis
Bird bath
Bird bath in a safe spot