Bird Care


Wild birds often get into trouble but before one goes rushing in to help, assess the situation first to ensure that your assistance is in fact required. It is important to remember that if the bird is injured, your attempts to rescue it will be another source of stress.


An adult bird that sits quietly in your hands is either paralysed with fear or seriously ill so it does not do well to stroke a wild bird as it is seen as a threat rather than a soothing action.  Baby birds may be unafraid but they 'imprint' very quickly and that is to the detriment of the bird.


Birds that have been caught by cats need help immediately. Cat saliva contains a bacteria that is in most cases fatal to birds unless the appropriate antibiotics are given straight away.


The information that follows is only a guideline and we ask, if it is possible, that you contact a Rescue Centre prior to making any attempts to assist a bird.